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Welcome to our class!

Welcome to Mrs. Ryman's Reading Class!  We read all of the time in here!  I usually begin with a focus lesson in which I read aloud a picture book to teach a lesson or reading skill.  Then we move into either a class novel or guided reading groups.  Independent reading in a just right book concludes our time together.  I love to read and hope to instill that same love in my students! 

Weekly Agenda
Reader's Workshop

We are beginning Reader's Workshop!  I will teach a standards-based focus lesson at the beginning of each class period.  Then we will transition into small, flexible guided reading groups in which I will help guide students through a reading passage or a novel.  I enjoy working with these small groups!

The Marshmallow Challenge

Our sixth graders collaborated with Mrs. Heinsman's Co-Op students to take on the Marshmallow Challenge.  Students were given a few supplies then asked to work together to creatively constuct the highest free-standing structure that they could.  This was a fun, engaging activity for all involved!!  It definitely hit on the "E" in STEM!


September 23 - Volleyball/Soccer at Eisenhower - 5:00
September 30 - October 4 - Swimming Week!
September 30 - Volleyball at High School
October 11 - Hornet Hike
October 15-23 - Book Fair
October 18 - Donuts and Dads

October 22-23 - Parent/Teacher Conferences
October 24-25 - Fall Break

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