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Helpful tips
Spelling Words week of December 3, 2018

-al,-ial, -ic, Means like or pertaining to..

-al,-ial change word to a noun or adjective

-ic changes the word to an adjective



List A

1. accidental

2. realistic

3. poetic

4. industrial

5. memorial

6. territorial

7. arrival

8. rehearsal

9. logical

10. dramatic


List B

1. comical

2. fictional

3. magnetic

4. rhythmic

5. analytical

6. catastrophic

7. apologetic

8. scientific

9. editorial

10. financial

Scholastic Book Club
Classroom code to order online: GQKNZ
Math Tips

More on the top?
No need to stop.

More on the floor?
Go next door
Get ten more

Numbers the same
Zeros the game


1. Divide
2. Multiply
3. Subtract
4. Bring down/Compare
5. Begin at # 1 again
Reading Tips

Choose a book that is just right for you.

  • Find a book that looks interesting to you
  • Read title & author
  • Read about the book on the back of book
  • 5 finger rule-Read first page and keep track of how many words you don't know.  0-1 Too Easy, 2-3 JUST RIGHT, 4-5 Too Hard

Read every night for at least 10 minutes.
Take turns reading paragraphs with an adult.
Create mind movies or pictures of the book in you mind
Make Connections with the book

  • Text to self - I am like the (character) because .....
  • Text to text - This is like when I read about....
  • Text to World- This is like the story about....
Ask questions about the text when you read.
Make predictions about the text while you read.

Hornets Show How to...
Acts of Kindess
Responsiblity  for

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