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What Happens in the Resource Room?
These are the interventions that we provide at Washington STEM Academy for our students!
Resources and Programs
Wilson Reading
Wilson Reading provides students with a multisensory approach to phonics and spelling.  Check out the link below for information about the effectiveness of Wilson.
Achieve 3000
Achieve 3000 is a web-based reading program that exposes students to current event articles adapted to their reading level.  Students read the article and complete a comprehension activity and a writing activity. Points are awarded for each correct answer and top scorers are named each day and each week.  

Achieve 3000 can be used anywhere internet access is available.  Ask your student to show you how it works!  
Read Naturally
Read Naturally is a computer program that focuses on oral reading fluency and comprehension.  What is fluency?  Think E-A-R. Expression, accuracy, and rate.  Fluency is how we sound when we read.  Reading fluency is linked to comprehension and is an important part of the reading process.  

The program allows each student to have an individual goal for the number of words they should read in one minute.  They also take a quiz to test how well they understand what was read.  Staff monitor the program and provide feedback to help students continually grow.  

Ask your student about the stories they have been reading!  
MobyMax is a completely integrated curriculum and teaching system with progress monitoring, goal setting, fluency practice, motivation tools, and much more.

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