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October 24 Landfill Field Trip  (TBD)

Weekly Agenda
Spelling Words

Pre-test happens on Monday with List 1.  This list is a word study that will have homework on Tuesday. (one page)  In the agenda you will find a list for 10 spelling words.  Students will print the words they need to study in this space.  If your student spells all words correctly on Monday pretest, then they will be responsible for List 2.  If your student missed only two words, then the rest of their words come from List 2 and so on.   List 2 consists of sight words, word study words, and academic vocabulary for 4th grade.  These words will be encountered by other students throughout the week.  Students will also write one sentence with specific punctuation, part of speech, etc.  

SEE ATTACHMENTS BELOW;  Attachment includes List 2; No WOW Words.



Weekly Special Times

Monday:  Music 9:00-9:30

Tuesday:  Art 9:05-9:45

Wednesday:  P.E. 9:30-10:00

Thursday:  Innovation 1:20-2:00

Friday:  P.E.  9:30-10:00








Topic 3 Strategies for Multiplying

Distributive Property of Multiplication:  Multiplying the sum by a number is the same as multiplying each number in the sum by that number and adding the products.

6 X 1,842 = 6 x (1,000 + 800 + 40 + 2)

6 X 1,842 = (6 x 1,000) + (6 x 800) + (6 x 40) + (6 x 2)

                = 6,000 + 4800+ 240+ 12

                = 11,052   



e-Learning Day Information

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