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Weekly Agenda
Spelling Words

We have a list of fourth grade academic words, sight words, and pattern words that will be used to create a list of 10 words for Word Study.  This will be a unit to increase our vocabulary and enhance our knowledge of words.  We will be doing dictionary skills, looking at syllables, and word origin in our word study throughout the week.  


WoW Words are a challenge for this week not a must do.


Weekly Special Times

Monday:  Music 9:00-9:30

Tuesday:  Art 9:05-9:45

Wednesday:  P.E. 9:30-10:00

Thursday:  Innovation 1:20-2:00

Friday:  P.E.  9:30-10:00








Topic 2  Multi-digit addition and subtraction.


We will be using several manipulatives in class to work on the value of a digit (number).



e-Learning Day Information

Please go to the Washington Homepage to gather more information about eLearning.


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