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Welcome to the wonderful world of 4th grade!

Curious about classroom happenings?  Need to contact me through email?  Here is your chance.... my very own classroom webpage.  Sit back, relax, and explore the page at your leisure!

Check out the 'class links' on the right side of the screen.  I have added great websites. 

The Math Facts practice website will allow students to practice addition, subtraction, multiplicatin, and division facts. 

The Comic Creator is a website that allows students to create and print their own comics.  This was added by the request of my students:)

Lastly, the Multiplication Game website has a variety of fun games for students to play while learning their multiplication facts.



Classroom Information
Book It!
Your child is required to read 20 minutes each night in his/her independent reading book.  Please use the Book It! form to document his/her reading.  The Book It! form is due at the end of each month.  Feel free to print out another copy if your child misplaces their original copy I hand out at school.
Field Trip Forms

Click on the document below to see the field trips that 4th graders will be going on during the 20018-2019 school  year.

The Washington Way

 We can SHARE.......
 Self Control
Self Control is keeping your hands, feet, body, & objects to yourself.
Honesty is telling the truth the first time.
Acts of Kindness
Kindness is doing acts of kindness by setting an example & being a good role model
Responsibiltiy is giving your best effort, being an active listener, & doing what you are told the first time

Everyone has a Story

We will spend most of the school year developing our writer's notebooks.  Think of the writer's notebook as a junk drawer.  A place to write down ideas, moments, and personal memories.  Take your notebook EVERYWHERE  you go..... write, write, write!

Types of items you might "catch" in your notebook....

memories, maps, words, lists, feeling, drawings, plans for writing, questions, dreams, funny things, cards, good writing, current events, artifacts, photographs, magazine clippings, comic, newspaper clippings, "wondrous" words, ect.

How does one  become a better writer?

First, read what really interests you, no matter what it is, and when you come to a passage that affects you strongly, reread it and ask yourself why.  And second, WRITE EVERY DAY.  Keep a journal (notebook) of your experiences.  Quote taken by Russell Freedman

Reading is Thinking!

Reading Comprehension Strategies we WILL Study:

1. Make a self to text connection

2.  Recognize Story Elements:  character, plot (problem and solution), setting

3.  Use questioning:  I wonder.......

4.  Recognize expository (non-fiction) text features such as:  photos, captions, map, map key, italic and bold print

5.  Understand the difference between explicit and implicit meaning in text

6.  Making Inferences- working with cause and effect

7.  Visualize to create mental images from text

8.  Summarize important ideas

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