There's still time to enter the Checkmate Hunger Chess Tournament on Saturday, November 21, 2015 at Madison Elementary School!  Registration is from 8:00-8:30 AM with a players meeting at 8:45 AM.  The first round begins immediately following the players meeting.

Cost is $7 for Warsaw Community Schools students & $10 for non-WCS students and adults.  There is a $5 discount for registering online and paying with Paypal  T-shirts will be available for $10 and your name will be included on the back of the shirt if you register by Thursday, November 19th.  To preorder a t-shirt, include payment and sizing during registration.  

Spectators are not charged admission.  Concessions provided by A.C.T.S.

View PDF flier here:

Questions?  Contact Jay Bolduc at or or call 574.267.6231 x3342.
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The 6th began working on their Journey North Project in Science. In this project each student received two tulip bulbs. They measured the circumference, weight, planted, and will chart the growth of the tulips as they emerge in the Spring.



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In this project students developed a strong understanding of the various forms of Green Energy, the advantages of this type of energy, the disadvantages of this type of energy, and the overall impact Green Energy can have on a community.

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