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Caterpillar Challenge 2017
Washington STEM Academy is proud to announce another extremely successful Caterpillar Challenge this year! Students from kindergarten through 6th grade were challenged by Mr. Wall's class to collect caterpillars as part of their study of the insect life cycle. The "money" caterpillars were monarchs and they were worth two points while all other caterpillars were worth one point. This year we saw a great variety of different caterpillars and an abundance of monarchs than we saw the previous year! 

Students in Mr. Wall's 2nd grade have been studying the life cycle of the monarch as they carefully investigated monarch eggs all the way to now as we are releasing new monarch butterflies. As of today, we have released 17 monarch butterflies back into our community and we fully expect our number to triple before the end of September! Mr. Wall's students have done the heavy lifting by daily collecting caterpillars from each classroom and tallying the totals for record keeping. Their reward then has been to be the ones to release the butterflies back into the wild!

Thank you to all the students and families in kindergarten through 6thgrade that participated this year in this challenge! A special thank you to Mr. Wall and his leadership in championing this school-wide challenge, we are blessed to have Mr. Wall back at Washington again this year!

Top 3 Classes (by points):
1. Ms. White's class (5th grade) = 230 points
2. Mrs. Corson's class (kindergarten) = 100 points
3. Mr. Bailey's class (1st grade) = 40 points

*The winning class will be gifted a pizza party coming up this month! More information to come soon.

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