We began by introducing various forms of energy. Explored a little with potential and kinetic energy. Then concluded with electrical energy.

The students used a gizmo called circuit builder…they can demonstrate this at home, they used the electrical snap circuit kits, they made a jeopardy power point to review what they have learned, and they also constructed and electronic quiz. Their light would go on if they touched the wires to their correct answers.


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This parade celebrated all the hard work your students put into Reading, Writing, Social Studies, and Science throughout our Global Awareness Unit. This video gives you an in-depth look at our entire experience.

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Water cycle activities with 2nd grade.

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Students in 5th grade explored what life as a Mars Pioneer would be like! This involved going to the Challenger Center up in Hammond, IN as well as visits from Science Central and using LEGO robotics to understand what needs to be done to make life on Mars possible

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