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Warsaw Community Schools is asking parents to complete the BrightBytes survey.  
This survey only takes five minutes, and the data is used by the district to plan for future technology initiatives.  During the survey, you will be asked about technology you use at home, the type of Internet access you have, and how you feel about your student's digital technology use and education.  You may answer the survey for each school your children are in, or just choose to answer the survey once for one school that your child attends.

Parents of kindergarten through 4th grade students:
Parents of 5th and 6th grade students:
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5th Grade students traveled to Hammond, IN to complete a Mission to Mars!

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5th grade students engineered a knee brace for an injured knee by going through the design process and receiving feedback from experts in the field.



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5th grade students investigated the driving question "Should a Chef be called a Scientist?" by cooking our way through physical science standards.


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